Hi, thank you for visiting ClockBug.com.

I enjoy learning & finding information on the web,
therefore, I want to contribute what little I know
for the benefit of others.

Fortunately for "others",
the "little I know" will keep everything short,
which is one of the "benefits" I alluded to.

My interest in old clocks was sparked by my wife
who dug out her family's Cuckoo clock &
we took it to a local clock repairer who called himself
" the Clock Doctor".

Well, we didn't know it at the time, however,
I can see now that he did his doctoring in a back alley.

His idea of clean & overhaul was to put
all his patients in an Ultrasonic and let it rip.

He gave a 90 day warranty,
& some of his repaired actually ran 91 days.

How did he do that?

Anyway, I got the bug, the clock bug, so the speak.
Purchased 3 Black Mantels that had been
home to wood boring insects.
Found out how to cure that.

Found another local repair person who was better,
however, still not of the caliber that I wanted.

We joined the NAWCC and a local chapter,
& started collecting clocks.
I soon found that in collecting clocks,
it is more affordable if you do your own repair.

I did not have the time to get into this however,
when the NAWCC had a suitcase course in Milwaukee,
I decided to make the time.

Excellent excellent course. I recommend to all.
Great starting out point for me.
Nancy & I have since taken all courses offered.

I later started taking course at the
Milwaukee Technical Area College.
Very affordable, fantastic instructors
(I have to say this in case he reads my comments).

At MATC there is more time to perfect your skills
& the instructor is a perfectionists if nothing else.

This is fine with me since I am a perfectionist myself,
however, I don't always achieve the level I am striving for.

Like many persons in the Horology field, we like clocks.

I always found that if, as a business person,
if you like what you do, you will do better at it.

We are in business as ClockBug
& do clock repair,
buy & sell clocks, tools & related items,
& continue to learn more about Horology.

If you do not have a antique clock,
you are missing out on one of
the most enjoyable things in life.

I highly recommend you get your self a
American 8 Day Time & Strike, as a starting point
& start enjoying the benefits of having an
old friend tick tock its heart away
and ring out the hours with joy.

Also consider joining the
National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors,
known as NAWCC.
The source of knowledge is the best &
you will meet the nicest people in the world.

Thank you. Jim & Nancy
also known as

The ClockBugs