ClockBug Spindle Oil No.7

ClockBug Spindle Oil No.7 is a premium quality, light grade (ISO VG 10) spindle lubricant for use in very high-speed spindle bearings in precision lathes and other machine tools.

It can also be used in sensitive equipment such as precision grinders, jig borers and tracer systems.

ClockBug Spindle Oil No.7 meets the requirements of Cincinnati Milacron specifications P-72 and it can also be used to lubricate high-speed bearings in textile machinery.

ClockBug Spindle Oil No.7 is formulated from stable, low viscosity base stocks and selected additives.

ClockBug Spindle Oil No.7 provides the following benefits:

*Good wear protection
*Long service life
*System rust protection
*Excellent antifoam characteristics


$7.99 + shipping.

For use in Watchmakers or Clockmakers lathes, known as ww lathes or 8mm lathes, 6mm lathes, 10mm lathes such as made by American Watch Tool Company, Boley, Boley Leinen, Derbyshire, Levin, Marshall, Peerless, Moseley, Lorch, Webster-Whitcomb, Waltham, and other lathes with cone bearings.

Not for ingestion. Avoid skin and eye contact. Keep out of reach of children and animals.